The majority of my adult life has been dedicated to three areas

Fitness Attitude Technology

More recently I've discovered a new muse... Travel!

It's is my goal to bring a fresh perspective in at least one of these areas to everyone I come in contact with on my travels throughout the world, while gaining something from them in the process.



In middle school I was the chubby kid who couldn't lose.

In high school I was the thin kid who couldn't gain.

That pic? That was me in college...

Now, I'm a guy who plays with weights and eats what I want when I want and still maintains it all.


By far the area that I'm most fascinated with is human behavior. People never cease to amaze me with how they treat themselves and by extension other people.

By creating your own personal set of guiding principles, or bushidō, you can create great change in your world and relationships. 


I've been programming computers since Commodore 64's were a thing. For those of you to young to know what that is, well let's just say I've been through a couple of life cycles.

If you've ever found yourself wanting to start an online business or create an app but couldn't manage the technology, I'm here to help.