Know Your Formula to Success With Body Change

The other day I posted a link to get free 7 day access to my workout library filled with around 200 Metabolic Effect workouts. But I didn't tell you how most people truly find success with them, or any other workouts for that matter.

You know you've got that friend, or maybe it's you, who puts in hours on the treadmill but never seems to see any results. They break a sweat, or even sweat through all of their clothes, but they really don't see any changes.

Or is that just me??

What our friends don't know is that if they'd just spend a fraction of that time in the weight room they'd see results in just weeks, sweat or no sweat. You see there is a dirty little secret formula to body change.

When you're a beginner, just picking up weight for the first time, you're kind of like a little bird learning to fly. Wobbly wings (arms) and legs. The more you try the more you gain confidence and strength and even soreness. But that's good! Because you know that your muscles are there and working. You also gain a psychological confidence about you as well as you start to feel more physically alive. Your lungs feel like they fill up more when you breathe and you have more zest in your life.

And then after about 2 months "it" happens...

The dreaded plateau! You can't get past the number of reps you did a week before. Your weights don't move up any more. Even worse, your weight and inches aren't going down any more either. "I have hit a wall which you cannot climb", you may think to yourself and after a few weeks of minimal (if any) results you start to pack it in.

Lunchtime workouts become working lunches. After work workouts become after work take outs. This is called the Pack It In Cycle.

But there is an alternative.

You Have To Keep Showing Up!

Ever hear someone say, "How we show up in one thing is how we show up in everything"?

Well you have to keep showing up!

The word you're looking for is consistency. If you can consistently get your workouts in and stick with your program and don't pack it in. Simply change some exercises, add weight, lower reps and sets performed, you can keep the results moving forward instead of remaining in the stalled state of the plateau. Don't be afraid to make progress at the expense of your ego.

You will have to always challenge yourself in some area, usually multiple areas!

I used to teach an ME class and I had a mid-40's lady in it. And every time she would choose the 8 lb dumbbells. So one day I asked her, "why don't you try the 12 pounders sometime?"

You know what she said??

"Because I don't want to bulk up." 

I did a terrible job of trying to hide my amusement and asked "well you know that your grocery bags can weigh more than 8 lbs, right? You want to be able to carry those don't you?"

You don't want to be one of the people who uses 8 pound dumbbells forever! It doesn't become you. ;0)

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Gary Leake